Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bible Camp - Day 3 - Jesus Feeds 5,000

Only one more day of Bible Camp to go.

It's been such a fun week!! It's been really neat to observe the differences between all the children. Like who is meticulous about coloring, which children gravitate towards each other, which children are especially loving to others, which ones get into the music, and which ones are a bit shy.

My biggest surprise is how independent Caroline has been even though I'm in her group. I really expected her to want to be in my lap (not that I got to sit down), or standing near me. But she's been all over the place for crafts and snack. She does seem to gravitate towards the corner I'm in operating the music during the songs... and she's usually got her eye on me to see me sing and do the motions.

Today we learned about Jesus feeding the 5,000. We sponge painted fish and loaves and the older group (that I was with) did pretty good at getting five loaves and two fish on their papers. Caroline was one shy on the loaves and wants to fix it now that we are home. Lucky for her, mommy made the sponge stamps. We also made tissue paper fish on sticky boards. Most kids just stuck the squares on their fish, but since we've done this craft with wadded up tissues, Caroline's is less than half done because she was doing it the way we always have done them.

They had goldfish and oyster crackers (bread) for snack.

We played outside again today. I've manned the baby swings the past three days. Celeste, Jasmine, Tyler, and Alli are my swinggers. And sometimes Henry. They are so sweet waiting their turn to get into one of the two swings. Tyler really makes the rounds because he has also gotten the little girls (mainly, Lyric) to push him in the big swings the past two days (that I know of).

Our special treat today was that Miss Emily had her guitar for singing "Jesus Loves Me." It was very pretty!!


Nalley Family said...

Thanks for all your super hard work. I was sad we missed two days, but Abigail had a blast the two days she was there. She was singing deep and wide while we were checking out at Target yesterday.