Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bible Camp - Day 2 - Jonah

We had another fun filled day at Bible Camp today.

The kids have really picked up the routine of the day and did very well at sitting, quietly, on their bottoms when we needed them to.

We start out the day coloring a page about our Bible story.
Then we make choo-choo trains and move to the family room to sing.

We sing "Deep and Wide" with all the fun hand motions and then we get to use shakers and bells to sing "Jesus Loves Me."

After the Bible story, we split off to play with toys or do a craft. We made Ocean Wave Bottles for the main craft. The big kids were in my group and they did an excellent job waiting for each other's turn to pour water in the funnel and have the blue coloring, glitter, and oil added before we hot glued on the lids.

Then we switched around and ate Jonah and Big Fish cookies for snack and the younger group did the craft. I'm happy to report that no bottles were spilled on Gen's lovely floors... although one did end up getting a crack and had to get sent home in a zip loc bag.

Then another switcheroo and the little kids got snack and the older kids got to make a sticker page with Jonah foam stickers. We also read one of my favorite books about "So Big Whale," complete with hand motions.

Then, yay, it's park time. It's such a hot and humid day, even in the mid-morning. Look at all of us getting refreshed with cups of water. Two of our three Micah's had a gargling contest.

We had a final craft and play time and then ended with more songs and a book about Jonah. Phew, I'm even more tired today than yesterday. I'm sure all of the kids are taking great naps when they get home... if they make it that far.