Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday night - Let's head to the beach

Yay, we are finally going to the beach!!

Our beach house had a wagon, sand toys, and boogie boards, so instead of getting all our stuff sandy, we just used what they had. It was so nice to have the wagon to tote all our things.

A beach house, half destroyed by Hurrican Ike, was casting a lot of shade along the shore so that's where we made camp.

The big kids were all suited up in life vests and ready to play in the waves.

Charlotte and I had fun playing in the sand together. I was surprised how little she tried to put in her mouth.

Then, of course, it was Charlotte's turn to discover the water. She was not timid at all - splashing and stomping away.

I'm sure the kids were all alseep in moments after bedtime stories.