Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bathroom remodel?

Does anyone have suggestions on places to get bathroom remodel supplies? Besides the obvious Lowes and Home Depot.

We are redoing our master bathroom this year... August probably. If you know of good places to get the best deals on the essentials - cabinets, counter/sink, tile, shower doors, and faucets - please pass it along.


Dillon, Emily, Micah and Naomi said...

Talk to Wendy S. In her former life she was a designer. :)

Nalley Family said...

Karlin, my in-laws, Adam's grandmother and I have used EZ floors for countertops. I was very impressed with their work and they were super fast. I don't think they do cabinets, but they do countertops and floors. www.lightdirect.com has some great deals on lighting. They have tons online and normally it is free shipping. I was very happy with their customer service. I have a friend who had someone paint her bathroom cabinets with a glaze finish and it came out really nice. I think she was pretty reasonable if you wanted to paint the cabinets instead of replace them. Good luck!! It sounds like fun!!