Monday, May 31, 2010

It's official...

Both our girls had big milestones this weekend.

Charlotte officially crossed over to "walker" on Friday. She's been cruising a ton lately and walking very short distances... like four feet. On Friday, we went to Petco to see the animals and I was letting her toddle around. Then, she surprised me by walking an entire center aisle... like 15 yards... without stopping, falling, or crawling. Then she stole the show walking all over the place at Granny and Grandad's this weekend. I guess she just needed to be in a new surrounding.

And Caroline officially has her first freckles. Kevin and I are so excited because we think she just looks so precious with them. I had lots of freckles on my cheeks as a child (and still have them on my arms, shoulders, and legs). I figured with her fair skin and red hair, that it was only a matter of time and I've been anxiously awaiting their appearance. (She was a little upset by all our excitment when we noticed them today, so I got this pic while she was sleeping on our drive home.)