Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tea for two

Caroline and her friend, Lyric, hosted a tea party for all of their "big girl" friends.

It was lots of fun planning fun things for the girls. We had little sandwiches, cheese cut in fun shapes on crackers, fruit, and pink lemonade to drink in pretty tea/punch cups that we got at Goodwill. Caroline and Lyric helped us mommies get ready by setting the tables.

Princesses in attendance were, Caroline, Lyric, Addison, Jasmine, Abigail, and Celeste. The girls all looked very pretty all dressed up. Caroline shared her princess heels with her friends... actually, Lyric passed them out. The funniest part was when the girls all sat down and shoes started falling off, so mommies where under the table trying to get the heels back on.

After lunch, the girls made beaded bracelets. They all did very well getting the beads onto the pipe cleaners. Even the younger girls.

Finally, we decorated cookies. Caroline picked out the gingerbread man shape and we had pink icing and goodies to decorate with. Someone got a little too many sprinkles before I remembered my trick for taping over half of the holes in the sprinkler.