Friday, May 21, 2010

Order, order, order

I'm so amazed at what an orderly personality Caroline has. First born child... oh where does she get it from (eh hem).

Having laid quietly in her bed for 30 minutes, we are now on to 30 minutes of book time. She has a growing collection of about half a dozen books on CD (plus we check one out at the library every week). These are her favorite for book time.

I was just summoned to help her find the accompanying book for a CD. Having done so, I thought I needed to help her get the CD in her player. But no, she informmed me that she had the CDs in the order she was going to listen to them. And wouldn't you know, piled on her nightstand were the library CD, caterpillar CD, and princess CD. And the matching books were all laid out on her bed.

I'm very impressed!

On a side note, I tried something new this week. To try to curb the constant requests to watch TV, I printed out a schedule for every day with her morning and evening TV time clearly marked. I also had errands, meals, time to play together, time to read, school time, and art/music activities. Surprise, surprise, Caroline really took to the schedule. She's asked all week what is next on her list. And she hardly ever asked about TV... except of course last night when we absent mindedly skipped her evening TV time - uh, oh.


Mom said...

The schedule is a neat idea! As a school teacher I know from lots of experience that children really need consistancy and structure. They become anxious and their behavior worsens without it. They like to know what to expect; it's their security in the BIG world:)
My best behaved students usually have parents who provide consistancy and structure. The worst behaved students usually come from disfunctional homes with no suppertime, no bedtime, no homework time, very little parental supervision and unlimited TV/video games.
Your little schedule will cut down on questions and give Caroline a feeling of control and security over her life. Sounds good!