Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New and improved Font for Caroline

I posted back in January about a free font that I found that will print dashed letters for children to trace.

My mom found me something even better. This font has the directional arrows and/or starting points. It also has a version that prints lined paper behind the font. It does cost, but only $1 for each type of font... I ordered all four options for $4.

Put "arrow" in the SEARCH FOR FONTS box or use this link

Very worth it in my opinion because now I can make Caroline's own practice sheets, slip them in a page protector, and let her practice away with dry erase markers. I'd been eyeing some practice wipe-off stuff at stores and online that started at $7.

I was thinking that next year, when I really have my act together (I know, I know), I'll do a Bible memory verse this way each week and she can practice handwriting and memory work all together.