Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Confessions of a homemaker

I thought I would share some of my household secrets.

Favorite household chore: Making my bed. I feel that if our bed is made, then our room looks clean. And call me crazy, but a made bed feels so much better to crawl into at night. I like making our bed so much that I have to put off making it until just before my quiet time, so I won't forget to do my quiet time.

Least favorite chore: Bathrooms and dusting. I don't do either until they really, really look like they need to be done. Half the time, I have company over and I realize that everything is covered in dust and I'm so embarassed. And although I do an occassional clorox wipe in the bathroom or toilet brush, I don't seriously clean the bathtubs until company is coming (or I've just washed the dogs).

Chore I'm still perfecting: Laundry. I've had so many strategies... clothes on Monday/linens on Friday; doing one load a day; folding it into piles on our bed based on the various drawers they will eventually go into; starting the washer when the girls go to bed and then moving it to the dryer the next morning... I guess someday I'll settle on what works.

Chore I rarely do: The dinner dishes. Kevin cleans up from dinner - I love him so. Although I do confess that sometimes by the end of the day, I'd rather he watch the girls and let me clean up from dinner.

Secret confession: I've piled clutter into laundry baskets and stashed it in my bedroom when company came over, more than once. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for me to get those baskets completely emptied and back to laundry duty.

Favorite strategy: Have one mental goal a day. Monday, my goal is always grocery shopping. Today, my goal was using the steamer on some specific carpet stains. Tomorrow, dusting : P


mindy said...

Maybe it's an East Texas thing. I love making the bed, too. And if the day started crazy and I never got back to the bedroom to do it, I will make it up RIGHT before getting into it and I swear it feels better!! :)

Michelle said...

You are so funny! I enjoy vacuuming. I think the house automatically looks and feels cleaner when it has fresh vacuum lines. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with an urge to make my bed. I am with you on the bathrooms and dusting though! Those are my least favorite things to do...especially the shower.

Becky Perez said...

I usually make my bed in the mornings, too, but if I don't for some reason, I always make it before I get in at night, too! Daniel thinks I'm crazy, but I'm going to let him know that I'm not the only one!! :)
A good tip I heard for cleaning bath tubs is to do it while your showering, just a little at a time, with whatever you have on hand. I tried that along with wiping the counter-tops everyday with a clorox wipe for awhile and that worked great. Although, I felt bad about using all those wipes.
I like cleaning the kitchen, so I always opt for that over kid duty! :)

Ashley Howard said...

I love crawling into a well made bed in the morning as well...Matt has been making the bed most mornings because I rush off to be at work, but hopefully I will continue making the bed when I am at home!

Mom said...

If I won the lottery...I would immediately have a maid to do all laundry (fluff and fold, ironing, and putting it away). Next I'd have a once a week maid to give the bathrooms a top-to-bottom, change sheets, windows, floors, oven, woodwork, etc. All the big jobs. I'd hire a personal chef (like Oprah) to cook for me on demand...really good, healthy meals that I'm even too tired to go out for.
But for now...I'll just have to keep doing these things;P