Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Calling for advice

I know I hand out my fair share of advice whether you ask for it or not, so now it's your turn to pour it on.

I was never able to get Caroline to drink cow's milk. We just ended up eating a lot of cheese. I tried all kinds of milks and flavors, but it just never took. So for those of you that have made a successful transition to cow's milk, give me some tips.

Some other helpful details are that Charlotte breastfeeds three times a day right now, will not take a bottle, and she is drinking about 3-4 ozs of water from a sippy cup (if you add up what she sips at all three meals).


Carrie S. said...

Have you tried adding some Carnation instant breakfast or Ovaltine? Also, I have heard that warming it up makes it more appealing (similar to BM).

Carrie S. said...

I have also heard to mix BM and milk together until you eventually phase the BM out (if you want to pump to do this). Or, I guess you could try some mixed formula with regular milk until she transitions. I am sure you have heard of all of these tips and tricks by now. Just throwing them out there (as a new mom!).

Michelle said...

Margaret, I just mixed the two kinds of milk until I he was completely on the cow milk. Since she likes using a sippy cup, try putting it in that rather than a bottle. Good luck!

mmnevill said...

I've been heating up milk for years! We finally weaned Addie off of "nice and warm" milk around 2 or so, but she still requests her milk heated often. She liked milk ok, but would never drink much after age 1, so when we'd heat it, she'd guzzle it quickly. Ryan, who loves milk, will also suck it down quicker when it's heated.

Try milk in the sippy cup, too.

Tammy said...

Although I dont know much about it since I'm not there yet I know my neice would only drink Braums's milk.... after trying all sorts of things. I'm struggling to get Sebastian to drink water as I'm introducing baby foods - any ideas on that?