Thursday, February 4, 2010

New learning website

We have a new favorite website...

It has tons of worksheets. I ran across the site when I was googling for something specific for us to work on. I've probably printed over a dozen worksheets since I found the site. We did five in one sitting today. Caroline just can't get enough.

She especially likes the ones where you draw a line from the uppercase letter on one side to the lower case letter on the other side of the page (It's under LEARN THE ALPHABET --> UPPERCASE AND LOWERCASE LETTERS WORKSHEETS.) We've already done all five of those.

Also check out the WRITING READINESS WORKSHEETS. I learned from my mom that just tracing straight, zig zag, and curvy lines is a pre-writing skill. Even if you kids aren't interested in ABCs yet.

We also did a SCISSOR SKILL WORKSHEET to practice cutting on a line. Of course, you can draw stuff like that on your own.


Becky Perez said...

I like this website. I got some wipe off books for Reece for Christmas from Mardel's Book store on 1960. They have all these skills and it's nice b/c you can use it over and over again. Plus Reece like to use the markers and wipe the pages. Anyway, I didn't buy all the different varieties of the books, so this web-site is nice and free! Thanks!

Michelle said...

If you put the sheets in a plastic page protector, it will become a wipe off board. You can use dry erase, or an overhead marker and redo them again and again! You can even put a bunch of the ones you have already done together in a book and Caroline can go back and practice them independently.