Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It feels like Charlotte does something new every day.

Today, she started "talking on the phone." She holds toy phones, her hand, or just about anything up to her ear and says "hello." I wasn't sure she was actually saying "hello," but before I told Kevin about it, he remarked that she'd said "hello" also.

Yesterday, she started putting toys into containers. We were playing with a plush picnic set and she learned to unassemble the five piece velcro sandwich and then put it back into the picnic basket.

Boo"k" and "row, row, row" are still her favorite things to say. Boo"k," with the accompanying sign, is the first thing she says when I finish nursing her... before I've even set her up to burp her! And she can now "row, row, row" on Caroline's rocking horse... even rocking herself.

Still no signs of her first steps. She refuses to hold our hands, or be held up by her armpits to walk. She just picks up her feet and dangles. But she's a master at cruising and standing on her tip toes to reach for something she shouldn't.