Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ta da...

Ta da... I'm officially caught up with January posts.

Charlotte is napping and Caroline is sick, so I've been letting her watch shows all day until we go to the dr. after lunch. I'm afraid it's the flu, so I'm keeping her cozy while keeping Charlotte and myself clear of germs.

UPDATE: It turned out that Caroline's ear infection came back in her left ear. The dr. said she could tell it had tried to heal but one part of it is infected again. She even drew a picture in the chart for when we get her rechecked next week - we were already taking Charlotte in next week to catch up on some shots.

I also finished my Christmas posts during naptime - which I'm making Caroline take today since she's sick. I'm all caught up - YAY!! Now to get onto Booksmart and import them.


Kelly Mc said...

sounds like you've been busy Margaret! Hope you are feeling better!