Thursday, January 21, 2010

She's learning!!

Caroline drew her first person today!!

Up until now, she's drawn circles, letter C's, smiley faces, and lots of scribbles. Sometimes I think, gosh, when is it that she'll learn to do _____. And then I remember, she'll only learn if I teach her. Model, model, model. So I sat down and started drawning a stick person and lo and behold...

Its funny that they connect the legs and arms to the face at first. I notices this on another friend's blog once. I also thought it was intersting that Caroline put five fingers on each hand without any direction. Mommy didn't even put fingers on hers. See, Caroline took my picture.

This was our second one. Caroline drew Charlotte, so mommy drew Daddy.

Caroline is into taking pictures with my camera.

Target has re-released their dollar spot ABC workbook, so we are going through it using crayon instead of marker (I read that it gives more resistance and is better for teaching fine motor skills). Each page has pictures that go with the letter and one picture that doesn't belong. Caroline has figured out that the one that doesn't belong was pictured on the page for the previous letter. She flips back to check it out - which some would consider cheating, but Kevin and I feel is a very clever thing for to have picked up on. I usually write the correct letter by the picture, and on this page, Caroline wrote the "I i" for herself by the Igloo (then I circled hers and wrote it because I was so proud).

I printed this Minnie picture for my niece's birthday card. I folded it to make the card and unfolded it for her to color. When I came back, she had put dots (I used to make dots where I wanted her to draw circles) and written C's around them on the three empty quadrants. "C for Caroline," she told me.

Okay, I hope I haven't made my friends sick with all of Caroline's handiwork. I've been testing myself for the past year to see how good a homeschooler I would be and I'm just so excited to see that Caroline is learning... and I know her grandma will be impressed.

My new mission is teaching her to draw squares and triangles so we can draw a house.