Monday, January 18, 2010


So, I'm very behind in blogging. I was hoping to get caught up on Christmas, but I'm still behind in those posts. I just take so many pictures at Christmas and then I have to pick my favorites. For some reason, that's always made Christmas my least favorite event to scrapbook (or blog). Isn't that weird.

Anyway, I thought I'd just post some random tidbits from the last few weeks.

Charlotte can climb our stairs now. She does really well if she doesn't have long pants on.

She also started cruising along furniture this weekend.

She's learned a sign for "water." I guess make that, we've learned her sign for water, since she changed the ASL version to her one version that consists of sticking the top of her hand to her mouth and making a "bwaa, bwaa" sound. She can also sign for applesauce, finished, and more. Caroline has picked back up on the signs and likes to use them to get attention. She'll ask for something and then make us sit back down so she can sign for it instead.

Charlotte got a Three Little Pigs playset for Christmas that Caroline and I like to play with. We re-enact the entire story, taking turns being the pigs or the wolf. Today, we were looking out the bedroom window (Charlotte likes pulling up on the windowsill) and Caroline commented that the house behind us was brick and had a chimmney and asked if it was for wolves to go down. I pointed out that the vent keeps wolves out and that pigs don't live inside, so we are safe in our house.

Caroline no longer has "naptime" but "quiet time." She would still nap if I made her, but since she goes to bed fairly early when Charlotte does, things work out better if she hasn't had a nap.

Charlotte can play peek-a-boo. Kevin and I don't recall teaching her - one of those things you overlook the second time around, I guess. We are guessing she learned it in nursery.

Caroline learned about Zaccheaus in Sunday school last week. She has been very into singing the song. Although, one day she was asking to listen to it on Cd and it took me the longest time to understand what "Da Key Us Song" meant.