Thursday, December 10, 2009

Charlotte updates

Well, it's been a big week for Charlotte.

This past weekend, she mastered pulling up. She'd been pulling up to her knees, but had only pulled up to her feet once or twice. Now, she's a pro. Last night, she stood herself up twice in her crib and was very vocal that she needed help getting back down.

Yesterday, she was pulled up on a step stool and the next time I looked, she was standing around the corner to the next side, so cruising may not be far behind. She also crawled onto the top of a stack of ABC floor tiles. I have to be careful or she'll keep crawling and take a header right off the other side. I'm sure she'll be climbing the stairs in no time too.

I'm also pretty sure that she tried standing by herself today. She was standing with my assistance and let go for a very brief moment.

Big things : )

On a not so fun note, we found out on Tuesday that Charlotte has the flu. So in the midst of all the fun stuff she's learning, she hasn't felt very well. Thankfully, we only had one evening where she got sick to her stomach. And I think her fever finally broke today.

Here's some fun pictures from Sunday...