Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin

We celebrated Kevin’s birthday (a day late) when his mom came in town for the weekend. It’s been nice that it’s worked out the past two years that we’ve been able to have his mom with us… and that we’ve had Christmas parties and needed a babysitter.

The girls had lots of fun having Granny around. Granny called Caroline “my angel” at one point and that’s now her new nickname.

Me and the girls are so blessed to have Kevin in our lives. He’s such a special person. I wonder sometimes how my girls will ever find a man that quite compares to their daddy. I really do think I have the best husband out there.

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Mom said...

Is the hot sauce to have on the cake? I know Kevin likes hot sauce, but that's taking things a bit far...don't you think?

Happy Birthday, Kevin. We love you!

Mom and Dad O.