Monday, August 3, 2009

Week in Review

Caroline had shared her Mickey with Charlotte during playtime, then Caroline piled all of her "guys" into Charlotte's bouncy chair. That's when I had to get my camera.

Notice how Caroline has laid her doll next to Charlotte.

Silly face.

Caroline is "fishing" with Charlotte's duck pull toy.

Charlotte is watching.

We still have a bedfull of books during naptime.

Playing baseball with Grandma this weekend. She's a lefty, even at bat.

I took this photo during two different "at bats" and they looked identical, with her ponytail flying in the air.

Charlotte and Grandma.

Happy girl.

Right after I take Charlotte's picture, Caroline says, "Take mine. Take mine." Snap. Then, "Let me see."
Grabbing her feet. I haven't documented the first day I noticed this, so I guess she's been grabbing her feet for about two weeks.


Carrie S. said...

Cute! I'm waiting for Z to find his feet - he grabbed them that once when I posted, then hasn't "seen" them since.