Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episode 3

Well, I thought that Kevin and I did pretty good during Charlotte's first couple months in terms of "diaper mishaps" compared to my recollection of the first few months diapering Caroline.

I guess Charlotte was saving it for later.

For some reason we are having a very bad diaper luck when Charlotte is in the Jumperoo. She doesn't poop all day and then when she's jumping, she decides it's finally time to go and then it ends up all the way up her back.

Kevin got the first bout.
And I've had the last two.

Kevin gets text messages from me... "Revenge of the Jumperoo Poo III."


Carrie S. said...

I have heard that it's common for babies to fill their diaper in the jumparoo b/c they are being active and "in position". Just think of it as early potty training. ;-)

FYI - Z has been having crazy blowouts lately, too - mostly in his car seat. I think that is b/c it has no where else to go, but out since he is strapped in.