Monday, February 2, 2009


So, I didn't get around to downloading photos this weekend, but here are a few things...

- Caroline discovered the word "need." Now everything is "my need my blanket," "my need my water," etc. I keep correcting her and making her say "want" instead... followed by "please" of course.

- Today, Minnie Mouse used the potty. Minnie's potty is our bathroom wipe box with the lid popped open. It makes a great potty chair for stuffed animals.

- Caroline picked the Cardinals for the Superbowl. Oh, well. I need to get Kevin to do a run down of how Caroline's picks worked out this season. For those of you that don't know, Kevin has cards with every team logo on them and Caroline has made her picks for every game played this season.

- Caroline locked her door this weekend while playing in her room. When Kevin asked her if she locked her door, she said "Henry did it." when he explained that Henry wasn't here, she then said "Reece did it." Those are both real friends, not imaginary ones. Since her cousin Seth was also in the room, we weren't exactly sure if she was lieing to protect him or herself.


katy said...

uhhh... i didn't know about that! it was probably seth. he's really into locking doors. sorry! (sheepish grin)