Monday, January 26, 2009

Other tid-bits

- When Caroline first started talking, I could understand almost everything she said. Lately it's getting harder though. I guess she just says so much now and might not perfect every word before she says it. Kevin and I often look at each other with a "do you know what she's saying" look.

- Caroline is ready for a sibling. She's taken to shutting the dogs in her room while we play. She gives Holly "cups of water" from her kitchen and tells her to "drink."

- In addition to saying her animals are crying, I often hear her saying "don't you cry" to the tune of Frosty the Snowman.

- Every stranger that feels led to comment on the sex of our baby tells me that it looks like I'm carrying a boy. I think that's so funny since the baby is in a weird position. Shouldn't the shape of my belly be more of a statement of how the baby is laying?


Michelle said...

I love reading all your little tidbits about life with a toddler. I can always count on you to have a fun post about something cute Caroline is up to.

Andrea said...

When people commented on my belly w/ Lydia, I got evenly divided comments as to whether she was a girl or a boy, but you're right in that baby could flip over and then it would be a completely different belly. :)

Frank said...

We had a neighbor that was convinced Kristin was having a boy because of how she looked. Telling her we'd had two sonograms that were pretty clearly indicating it was a girl did no good. Her faith in a worthless old wives' tale held firm.

I was maybe a little too excited to introduce Allison to her a few months later. :)

mmnevill said...

Addison has gotten really lazy with her words, running them together and not pronouncing them clearly. I guess it's just being two - they have a lot more important things to do!