Sunday, January 25, 2009

Funny Caroline

Here's some Caroline stories:

- Lately, all her stuffed animals are crying. She'll say, "Mickey crying." I'm not sure where it's coming from, but I'm glad it's a developement now and not after the baby - when I'm sure it would make me search for something to feel guilty about.

- I was complaining about back pain at dinner last night and Caroline immediatley says, "my back hurts." She's been saying it off and on lately, and apparently, she must be picking it up from me. Oooops.

- We read books at breakfast and lunch. Currently we have the "Bear Book." It has a page for each letter. I get in trouble if I turn the Robot page before she "beeps" for him.

- Caroline has learned the letter "C," "P," and "O." Does she have a future in law enforcement? She knows that "C" is for cookie and Caroline (and Crabcake - thanks Kevin). I'm sure she knows some others, but those are the ones we've really worked on. I've let her start watching "Word World" and I think she's picking things up from it.

- I got a Clifford CD of kids songs at the dollar store and it is Caroline's favorite. Yesterday, she was singing along with the ABC's. She can almost do the whole song by herself now.

- Christmas is still not over. We are still singing Frosty.

- Okay, and a video for all of you that put up with me documenting all this stuff. Yes, can you believe this silly child is Caroline? She says she is messing up her head... dizzy, I guess.


Jessi said...

Sarah Morgan told me to check out your blog for making baby food advice. I did and thank you!!! Just a question. I too have been saving the jars and containers to put my own baby food in. How long is it safe to keep it? How long in the freezer and how long in the fridge? Thanks!