Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Craft Days

Here are Caroline's January craft projects...

We learned that...
God helped Daniel "be strong." (the answer has muscle arms that go with it)
Daniel "threw rocks." But do we throw rocks? "No."
The Bible is special because it's "about God." And who else is it about? "Jesus."
Who did Samuel listen to? "God."
What do we listen with? "Ears."
We also worked on the letter "C" and "P."
The Penguin is a library project, along with the picture of Bert.
We also built a robot since she was so into the "Beep" page of her ABC book. Here are some robot project pics.

(I'm getting better at persuading Caroline to pose... with the promise she can look at the picture on the camera.)

Caroline improved her finger painting this week. She used to just scoop the paint with a finger and stick it in one spot. But now she smears it all over the page.


Michelle said...

Your creativity is amazing. I am so glad you write about them so I can do them too! What a super fun mommy you are.