Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Resolution

Well, Caroline is probably one of the first people to complete their 2009 new years resolution... actually, it's more her mommy and daddy's resolution. No more Paci!!

(October 2006)

Caroline's paci has been a naptime and bedtime staple. We briefly took it away and gave it back during the big girl bed/room transition.

So, on Friday we decorated tissue paper and wrapped up two of her paci's "for the baby." She was still holding the third one out saying "my paci." I hid it anyway, and we put her to bed sans paci. Let me tell you, it was torture!! She cried out for her paci for over an hour. After hour two, Kevin sent me to bed and made me turn off the baby monitor (daddy means business - as Kevin always says). I felt like we'd made a total mistake taking it away. He said that cracking her door open finally gave her enough security to fall asleep. By the end of the weekend, the drama was over.

I think she's still taking at least an extra thirty minutes to fall asleep. In fact, she read books and played in bed for two and a half hours before finally falling asleep for her nap today (I, on the otherhand, took my nap during part of that time... ah, pregnancy and sinus infections).

Congratulations Caroline!! You are a BIG girl now.


mmnevill said...

Maybe Addison is having telepathic sympathy pains....she has played during naptime for the past 3 days instead of sleeping and is taking a long time to fall asleep at night instead of sleeping instantly. We can't figure out what her deal is - she never took a paci, so who knows?