Sunday, January 11, 2009

A week in the life...

I had my camera out several days last week, so I have lots of pictures and a couple cute stories to share...

Sunglasses were a favorite this week:

I haven't taken nearly enough pictures of Caroline's new kitchen. I taught her to give Mickey a bath in the sink. Then he gets dried off and tucked into bed. I gave her a blue, baby washcloth and it was yet another favorite last week:

One day last week, Caroline came from playing in her room and announced to me "Dinner ready, mommy." I went into her room and she had her play table all set. There was a small blanket laid out on the table top, with a blue cup and blue plate (white ice cream, head of lettuce, and banana) for me and a pink cup and pink plate (green grapes) for her. It was the cutest thing ever!!

Friday, we had a picnic in the park with Henry and his mommy. It was a beautiful day. Karlin told me that Henry liked to be chased, and Caroline was happy to oblige:

Then, Friday evening we let Caroline have her first popcorn and watch part of the movie "Cars" before bedtime. She liked the popcorn:

In case you haven't noticed, I love putting Caroline in pink and brown. Grandma got her this dress for Christmas and I bought thick pink tights to go with it. I took the time to put her hair in two pigtails before church today. So photo worthy:

Giving Holly a big squeeze during dinner preparations:

Did your parents ever say to you, when you baulked about doing a chore... "why do you think we had kids?" Kevin and I had one of those moments today. We were all upstairs (watching football of course) and the dogs needed to be let out. So, we asked Caroline to do it. She excitedly proceeded down the stairs. I had to go with her to get the dogs to follow because the dogs didn't believe she was going to let them out. But sure enough before I rounded the corner, she opened the door for them (we've been practicing supervised opening of exterior doors). Anyway, all upstairs again ten minutes later we asked Caroline to let the dogs in. We paused the game (I love Tivo) and listened for her feet to patter through the living room. We heard the door open and in came Buddy's jingle. Then Caroline yelled "Holly" at least a dozen times because Holly always lolly-gags about coming in. Kevin finally opened the upstairs window and whistled for Holly. Then in Holly came and Caroline closed the door. I guess I shouldn't be proud of our laziness, but we are really proud of Caroline's contribution to the household : )


Carrie said...

Soon, you will get your money's worth of "child investment" in the form of chores. ;-) I know my parents did! lol.