Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby update

I had an OB appointment today. My ultrasound from before Christmas moved my due date back to March 6th. I'm not too disappointed b/c that was more the due date I'd calculated anyway. So we'll see how things progress.

Also, the baby is not head down. Officially, I think it's "transverse" meaning it's kind of diagonal across my belly. The head is on the lower end though, so everyone PRAY the baby gets into the correct position. We'll do another ultrasound at one of my next two appointments to check the position.

My SIL works for an OB and she said that since it's my second pregnancy, chances are better for turning the baby into the right position. Also, her baby was breech until her 36th week, so I guess I have a while before I really should stress out about it.

I think this was my first appt. to take Caroline to (the perk of Kevin being off of work). She did really good. It was esp. funny when I told her that mommy had to go pee in a cup. And then Caroline informed the nurse of what I was about to do.


Sarah said...

Hey, next time you can bring Caroline over here! Yay for baby!

Sarah said...

Also, your new layout is cute!

mmnevill said...

I was just about to suggest that you could have dropped Caroline off at my house (although I don't think I'm very close to you!). Also, Addie has been sitting in my lap practically all morning, saying "Picture of Caroline???" because she me looking at your blog and video today. In fact, she's nagging me right now about it!

cristina said...

i came over to offer my help too. :) we'd love to have caroline over whenever you need to make any sort of appointment, go shopping, nap, pedicure, etc. :)

you're definitely in my prayers.