Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas decorating

Here's some pictures from decorating for Christmas last weekend...

This is how I know that I have a lot of my dad in me... I put the lights on the tree. It's not that I wouldn't let Kevin do it. In fact, Kevin probably prefers that I do it. But that was always my dad's one job in decorating the tree, and I'm the one that does it for our family. It kind of makes me laugh.

Distracting Caroline with some Mickey Christmas stickers while I finish the lights. Notice the roaring fire... remember, we didn't have heat.

Caroline put the star on the top... twice, since my flash didn't go off the first time.

Caroline helped hang some ornaments. We tried to let her hang even more, but she'd just say "Daddy do it" or "Mommy do it." She'd rather supervise.

This is a bonus picture of Caroline eating a green candy cane bent in the shape of a Christmas tree that she got at MOPS on Friday. Notice the green drool collecting in her bib. It was a very drippy task, but she crunched and ate the whole thing.