Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brother or sister?

Mindy asked a good question, so I thought I'd post the answer.

When we ask Caroline if she's having a brother or sister, she always answers "sister."

Personally, I think she knows the word "sister" way more than "brother" since we are always talking about what a "big sister" does.

Another question that I'm not sure I've posted the answer to is our baby names.

Charles Owen (Charles is the first name of all the first-born sons going back many generations, Owen is a family name too but I won't say more than that on a public forum)

Charlotte Lillian (Lillian was one of Kevin's Great-Grandmothers and we've always liked the name Charlotte - plus it is a Charles derivative... which Caroline's name turned out to be also even though we hadn't planned it that way)

Caroline has a friend named Charlotte that she talks about a lot, so I bet she'll be really confused if she does get a sister.


Carrie said...

Cute names! I am pushing for a little boy. ;-)

The Boudreaux Family said...

I didn't know your family name was Owen. That's my maiden name. I also have a Great-Grandmother named Lillian. What a coincidence.

cristina said...

how did i miss this post?

great names! :)