Monday, November 24, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Okay, I really debated putting pictures of my belly on my blog, but Caroline is so cute in these. This is the second time we let her listen to the baby on the Bebe' sounds Heart monitor. I still can't tell when we actually find the baby's heartbeat, but Caroline thinks it's fun. She likes to push the button.

She's kissing the baby in this picture.

Here's the video. Caroline tells you first that we are going to "talk" to the baby and then we helped her get it right that we are going to "listen" to the baby. She also tells you that the baby is in "mommy's tummy" and that we are using "earphones/headphones" to listen.


mindy said...

Those are so sweet!
Has she told you what the gender is yet? We have 2 different sets of friends that their older child said what the younger one would be & were right! :) Hope you are feeling well.

Andrea said...

That's a cute video. :) I could never hear Lydia w/ the bebe sounds until after she was already here. I ended up breaking down and renting a doppler for beforehand.