Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little mommy

It's so funny how little girls pick up on our mommy traits.

Today at playgroup, Caroline was playing with her friend's toy kitchen. We don't have very much in the way of toy kitchen gear yet. She was stirring stuff in a pot and even filled a cup with water from the faucet... which really amuses me since we only get our water out of the door of our refrigerator. I'm sure my friend thought I was a total goof getting so excited about it.

She also picked up on using a baby bottle to feed her friend's baby doll. So, when we got home, I pulled one of our old baby bottles out of a box and Caroline went straight away to feeding her baby and favorite stuffed animals. She pried Big Bird's beak open so he could get a good grip on the bottle. I also stuffed a white baby washcloth into an empty Kandoo wipe container, so now she takes it in and out to wipe her baby.

PS. 10 days and one 50 count box of Kandoo wipes is empty... that's a lot of time on the potty : )


Sarah said...

Of course I (we) don't think you're a goof!! What Mommy isn't excited to see the little things our kids pick up on and learn as they grow up. I think it's probably a good sign that she'll be nurturing with her little sibling!!! She's such a sweetie. The washcloth in the wipes container-good idea!