Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There's a cute Caroline story that I don't think I've shared.

She's figured out the whole "dinner's ready" thing. She's picked up on the signs that I'm about done preparing and now she runs into the dining room repeating "ready, ready, ready." Sometimes, she decides that dinner is ready before I'm done and we have to stop her from climbing into her chair and explain that it is NOT ready yet.

She's really quite the broken record these days. Another favorite word that she repeats is "juice." She took a liking to orange juice this month and now it's a constant request. It get's really confusing because she'll ask for water ("minnow") and then ask for "juice" and I can't figure out which one to give her. Obviously, she usually wants to opposite of the one that I finally settle on. I need to start teaching her about choices.

PS. Does OJ cause gas? She's been quite the tooter since she started drinking it.


Sarah said...

hmmmm, good question. Madelyn doesn't like oj, so I wouldn't know :)

cristina said...

i think sugar, even natural, can have that effect.... those are my two cents..

and i love the new look...i finally got a chance to come look. :