Monday, July 7, 2008

Notes from Caroline

Well, Caroline has been gone for her week with Grandma and Grandpa for over 48 hours. I miss her a lot, but I'm surviving. I keep feeling like I need to go tuck Caroline in, check on her, wake her up, play with her, or feed her. Last night, I spoke loudly across the upstairs to tell Kevin something, and I hesitated for a moment in fear that I would wake up Caroline, or disrupt her playing by herself.

I have lots of projects planned to keep me busy. Right now, I'm catching up on my scrapbook. I'm a year behind!! Last night I journaled on some pages that I worked on a few months ago from June, July, and August. Thankfully, I have my blog to reflect back on and jog my memory. I can't believe all the new things Caroline did last summer - - crawling, babbling, signing, pulling up, and walking. So far today, I've finished the journaling and started scrapbooking the rest of August, September, and some of October.

Caroline has been e-mailing us to let us know what she's up to.


Hi Mommy and Daddy,I am having lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa! I am being a very good girl, too:)I got to feed a grape to Grandpa's turtle today, and I swam in the pool two times! I hope you are having fun. Love,Caroline

(I should note that on Saturday night - her first night - Caroline woke up at 11 pm and would not go back to sleep. She ended up sleeping with Grandpa all night.)


Hi Mommy and Daddy!I had a very good night's sleep last night...I even slept in until 7:30! After sauce and crackers, Grandma took me to Wal-mart and I got a George book and an Elmo sprinkler:) I love both and held them until we got home. I got very, very excited when I saw a potty seat for big girls with Elmo and Big Bird on it! Grandma got it for me, but you can use the receipt (whatever that is) to take it back if it is not okay. We also bought bananas and hot dogs, too:) Then we went to see Greatgrandma Betty, but I was very timid. I did give her a sweet hug good-bye though, and I will be more relaxed when we visit her again on Wednesday. When we got home to Grandma's house, I was very excited about my new big-girl potty and it was on the kitchen floor still in the package, so I sat on it and said, 'Poop.' My face got very red and I pooped in my diaper. Grandma got very excited for some reason and says I am very smart. Later, I sat on the seat and grabbed the crotch of my diaper. Grandma thinks I will be 'easy to train'. She won't take the potty seat out of the package though because she says Mommy and Daddy will help me put it on the toilet when I get home. For now, I am having fun sitting on it in the package and pretending. I played in the Elmo sprinkler and had lunch, then Grandma and I had pedicures. She painted her toes red like Elmo and mine are pink. Now I am napping until Grandpa gets home from work. I miss you, but I am doing great and being very good. When Grandma says, 'No, no', I obey:) Love,Caroline