Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Notes from Caroline

Hi Mommy and Daddy,Today I learned that I like ketsup on french fries and meatloaf! I had lunch with Greatgrandma and Greatgrandpa at McDonald's and after I ate my cheese and grapes, Grandma showed me how to dip a french fry and I licked it and decided it was yummy. For dinner, Grandma made meatloaf and I wasn't to sure about it until Grandpa put ketsup on it...then I gobbled it up! Also, today Grandma got a nice new washing machine and I got a fun box to play in:) Grandpa cut a door and window in it and the stuffed rabbit played peek-a-boo in the window and made me laugh. I have been very good today, but a little clingy and whiny because I probably miss you deep down. But, don't worry! Grandma and Grandpa have lots of fun toys and play to distract me. Love,Caroline

Hi Mommy and Daddy,I am having a great time today! I slept in and after Elmo's World, I went to Grandpa's church and met all his friends there. I got to eat some glazed donut and sipped water from Grandpa's cup. Then I made coy smiles and totally charmed about 20 gentlemen called the 'Work Crew', the church secretary, and Great Aunt Beth. Everybody smiled and talked to me and said I was soooo adorable:) Then, we walked across the street and played at the park. I spun the wheel, bounced on the 'bridge' and went down the slide. I even begged to get in the swing twice, and I let Grandma push me just-a-tiny-bit with her pinky finger. What a rush! I also dropped by to see Greatgrandma Betty and I actually played with her a little bit. I plan to play with her again Thursday evening while Grandma and Grandpa lift and hook-up her new T.V. I have been very good today. I picked up my colors and helped Grandma take out the trash, too.I miss you and hope you are having fun, too:) Love,Caroline


cristina said...

these are SO precious! ooh, a cute picture of her pecking at a keyboard would be such icing. :)

hope you're getting gobs of stuff done. :)