Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last Note from Caroline

Hi Mommy and Daddy!I have had a fun day today! This morning I went to the bakery with Grandma to buy kolaches, and we went to Greatgrandma and Greatgrandpa's house to share them. They taste nummy:) I played with Greatgrandpa (he has some nice toys like a Big Bird dolly) while Grandma curled Greatgrandma's hair. Later, after Grandpa came home from work and I took my nap, Grandma and I played with the old doll house and I put the baby dolly in it's crib and pulled it around in it's little wagon. Grandpa draped my pink blanket over my box-house and I had a blast coming in and out and in and out making the blanket rake my face and hair and playing peek-a-boo. I had macaroni and cheese at Springcreek Barbeque for supper and bits of their delicious rolls. Mmmmm! Now I've had my bath and I'm coloring pictures of George, Dorothy, and Elmo that Grandma printed from the computer for me. I've been trying to learn that George is "brown", but I still stay "red" half the time. Tomorrow, Grandpa is taking me and Grandma on a major expedition to Wal-mart to buy kid food for my cousins, Brent and Jenna. I've had a great week, but I will be just as excited to see you when I wake up Saturday morning as you are to see me:) Love,Caroline

(I can't wait to go to Tyler tomorrow. Of course, Caroline will be in bed when we get there : ( )