Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome Home Caroline

Yay!! Caroline is home. And she did so many fun and entertaining things today to make up for all I missed with her last week.

-When we got to the library parking lot for storytime today, Caroline exclaimed "Book!"
-She danced (spun) around her bedroom to her music so much that she fell into multiple surfaces. It was hilarious to watch.
-She did a summersault. She's never flipped herself over before, but she put her head down to the floor and just pushed with her feet and did a perfect summersault. Followed by several wabbly ones.
-She picked out her own clothes for the first time. She's outgrowing her changing table so after I put on her diaper this morning, I put her on the floor to get dressed. I opened her shorts drawer and she peered in and pointed to her star 4th of July skirt. Then she said "woof" because the shirt that goes with it has a puppy on it. So that's what she wore.

We are working on potty training but Caroline is too scared of the potty right now to proceed any further. But Elmo went potty three times today : )


cristina said...

hey, i'm anxious to see what you did with that bookshelf thingie...

how are you feeling? better? call me.

(sorry for the comment here, i don't have my email addresses handy...)

Matt, Mary & Chloe said...

i am praying for you guys.