Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wish you were here

Day 1: On the road. Caroline left the state of Texas for the first time. We drove through Louisian and Mississipi. Then we stayed in Moss Point, Alabama. It smelled like shrimp boats... stinky!

Day 2: On the road again.
We killed some time visiting the USS Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Caroline hung out with Grandpa while Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma went on the ship (climbing lots of ladders is no fun for toddlers).

Eating lunch in one of Mommy's old haunts from her business trips to this area - The Original Oyster House. They have yummy sides like cheese grits and red beans and rice. Caroline played on the playground under the shade of the stilted restraunt, snacked on our lemon slices, and had key lime pie for dessert. No peanut butter pie for her, but everyone thought it was yummy too.

Day 3: Having fun at the beach (hey, now I'm humming The Wiggles song). We walked on the beach some last night. Caroline cried as soon as her feet hit the sand. She just wasn't too sure about how it felt. We've had three trips to the beach now and she's getting more comfortable. We saw dolphins playing in the surf this morning. Right up close by the swimmers. Caroline also likes playing in the condo's pool. She jumps off the ledge and lets us catch her. She always wants "more." Mommy also taught her to blow bubbles into the pool today.

Well, it's afternoon naptime now. Hope you are having fun, where you are.


Frank said...

What a fun trip (and reading about the food is making me hungry)!

Wow... but I can't tell where Kevin stops and the beach starts... :)

Sarah said...

How fun. Now I have that wiggles song in my head. Speaking of them, the tickets go on presale this Saturday, I think. I'm gonna get info and I'll let you know. I am so jealous you got to see dolphins!!

Marianne said...

You look like you all are having a blast! Enjoy the peaceful beach! I too am jealous you got to see dolphins like that.