Thursday, June 5, 2008

Almost packed

We are leaving tomorrow to drive to Florida with my folks for vacation. I'm almost packed. I got a week of outfits for all three of us into one suitcase... I'm quite proud. All our other do-dads are sitting on a table. I'm debating how to pack up all the sunscreen, beach towels, kid tableware, and Caroline's food for the road. My dad will be here within an hour and together, we will be the master packers to load the van. That's one of our spouses' many perks to being married to engineers.

We are going to this exact beach. Doesn't the sand look like sugar? I checked it out when I was travelling for work almost three years ago (wow, time flies).
Ft. Walton, here we come!!


Carrie said...

My co-worker's in-laws are from Fort Walton! I am sure you guys will have a fabulous time! :-)

cristina said...

have fun! enjoy the ride, too.