Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heading Home

Day 4: In between lots of beaching, Kevin and I caught a couple hours away to FINALLY go see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Kevin really wanted to see it and he's been so patient for us to find a way to finally see it.

We ate lots of meals on our balcony. Our view couldn't have been better and with the sea breeze it was always pleasant.

We took a mini-road trip to Destin to see the free alligators at Fudpucker's. It's a chain down here (not Fudruckers). It was really hot, but Caroline liked it.

It turns out that we came to Ft. Walton Beach during the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival. When we got to town on Saturday, the marina was full of party boats congregating in the middle. And at the grocery store everyone was covered in red, silver, and black mardi gras beads. So, Monday night, we took in the Torchlight Parade. In truth, there really weren't any torches (I was a bit bummed that we only saw one float with lit tiki torches). We were able to greatly expand Caroline's dress up jewelry collection because everyone was throwing beads. Some throws came quite close to Caroline, which she did not like very much.

Day 5: Couple day. Mom and Dad did a snorkel/dolphin cruise out of Destin in the morning.

Kevin and I went to Big Kahuna waterpark in the afternoon. We really liked the Tiki River Run ride and road it four times. Then, Grandma and Grandpa babysat some more so Kevin and I could go out to dinner at my favorite local restaurant, Big City American Bistro. I found out about it from my friend Julie that had come here on business and came by myself when I was traveling here.
Here is Caroline playing with her mardi gras beads. Kevin says she looks like Mr. T.

Day 6: More beaching. We also went to the pier and boardwalk (I'll have to download those pictures later). We are mostly packed up and ready to head out tomorrow morning bright and early. We are hoping to drive all the way home. Wish us luck and say a prayer that Caroline is well behaved.
Here are some miscellaneous beach pictures....

We got a free set of chairs and beach umbrellas with our condo. It was fun to watch Elliot set them all up in the morning. He really had quite a system.

Sandy cuddles.

Beach hair.

Daddy's sandcastle. Note to Frank: Kevin no longer blends into the sand. The good news is that the sunscreen worked, the bad news is that he missed a huge spot in the middle of his back.

Trying to get some cute family pictures.

Waiting for the Elliot to open our beach umbrellas.

Isn't she precious!


Sarah said...

That pic of you and Caroline on the balcony is priceless!!! Oh, and I agree. Her resemblance to Mr. T is uncanny! Hahaha.