Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 26 In Review

I'm not sure how much happened for letter Q (for Quilt) this week.  But I consider it a success because Q is for Quality time and I know that's just what the girls and I had between a trip to the zoo, and several park and picnic trips.

Verse: "Quench not the spirit." 1 Th 5:19
Song: River of Life

Charlotte's shelf had:  Quilt lacing, a clothesline with lots of scrap fabric cutouts (the princess ones were the favorite), Quilt puzzle, pattern blocks, upper/lowercase sorting, and of course a quilt.

We kept up with our math curriculum even though I didn't write out our lesson plans.  We had a geoboard lesson on congruent shapes.

This is what happens when you let the girls use the camera:

Aren't they silly!

Last summer, I had made some ice boats for the girls and Charlotte made a special request for them this week.  The ice melted a lot quicker in the bathtub than it had in the pool, but I did a better job balancing the mast, so they floated straighter.  Decorating the sails is always half the fun!