Friday, March 9, 2012

My little bookworms

Caroline has been reading up a storm the past few days.  She is on her third Tinkerbell novel (although technically, I think she has another one she started as well).

We were on chapter 2 on Wednesday when we started booktime.  She read some to me during Charlotte's nap, and then again at bedtime.  Then, she read to herself in the car on Thursday during our Ainsley Courte trip, and again at bedtime.

Here I am waiting my turn to read from "Little House on the Prairie."  Notice, Charlotte has another Tinkerbell book that she is pretending to read.  Since Caroline always announces when she gets to a new chapter or picture, Charlotte has picked up on this.  So now, she'll turn pages until she comes to a new chapter and excitedly announces, "I'm on Chapter ___!"  It's great because it helps her practice number recognition.

By Friday afternoon, Caroline had finished all 10 chapters of "Rosetta's Daring Day."  I figure finishing eight chapters in only two days is cause for celebration when you are only five.  And since I'd ordered some new nightgowns for her and one happened to be Tinkerbell, the idea was born.

Gifts is her primary love language so I knew this would speak volumes.  So, I made up a card with Rosetta on the front and told her how proud we were of her and how thankful we were for this talent that God has given her.

Then, I left a trail of fake flowers (Rosetta is a garden fairy) for her to follow to find her gift.

(Don't worry, Charlotte gets tons of potty treats these days.  I'm sure it evens out.  Plus, Caroline needs new nightgowns anyway.)