Thursday, March 29, 2012

Charlotte and Caroline go to the dentist

All three of us girls had a dentist appointment today.  It was Charlotte's first time and Caroline's third.

It was a little unusual because they had the new dentist do my cleaning and then we had to go back to the waiting room until our regular hygienist was ready for the girls.

Caroline went first and did great.  She wore sunglasses so the light didn't hurt her eyes.  I also found out that she has a small muscle running between her two front teeth that makes them have a gap.  It stretches tight like a rubber band and even with adult teeth and braces, it will continue to create a gap unless we clip it at some point.  My mom says that I had the same thing.  So, at some point, I think we'll have to find a pediatric dentist to figure out how and when to proceed.  The hygienist also noted some looseness in her teeth, so we may have our first lost tooth in six months or so.

Charlotte was very captivated by this big set of teeth while she waited her turn.  She even brushed them with the jumbo toothbrush.  But, when it came time for her turn, she put on the brakes.  I had been expecting her to be so much more willing than Caroline had been at this age, but no, her will came out!

But after some coaxing and Caroline demonstrating how to slide off the chair, we finally ended up getting to count and clean her teeth in mommy's lap.

Caroline was the photographer, can't you tell?

And then, we got to go double duty when Dr. Perkins came in to count our teeth.  I love the look on their faces!  Priceless!!  It was a lot less traumatic than the picture illustrates.  The girls both picked out crayons from the treasure box.

Yay, six more months before we go again.  And Caroline will probably get her first set of x-rays next time.


Carrie S. said...

I think Ella has a lip tie, too (the top frenulum). I am guessing they may need to do a clipping at some point if it doesn't stretch out. Let me know how it goes!