Monday, February 20, 2012

Caroline on the Congos with "Daddy is the silliest" song

We got a set of Congo drums from a friend of ours.  When she asked me on the phone if we wanted the, I was picturing little lap-held Bongos in my head.  Kevin didn't clarify the size.

But, he got the corner of our bedroom cleaned up, so I guess I'll let him keep them.  They sure do entertain the kids.

Caroline put on a show for me while Kevin and Charlotte were at practice one Wednesday night.  Since they are so tall, she has to stand on a chair, and I had to rig up a way to make our toy mic stand taller.

"Daddy is the silliest,dad, I ever had.
He's.... he's so silly,
I just want to say he's so silly.
I don't know why, I really don't know,
but how can he be that silly?
It's like he's a hundred pounds of silly in a one pound bag.
I don't know how much silly he is, but I do not know now."


Carrie S. said...

LOL! How fun. We have some bongos at home. Yes, MUCH smaller! ;-)