Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 13 in review

It's the week before Thanksgiving so we took a break from letters and did a Thanksgiving theme.  We also invited an extra friend to join us on Monday.

Verse: "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good." Ps 136:1/1 Chron 16:34
Song: Thankful
Verse: 10 Little Turkeys

On the shelves, we have: colored feathers to sort, paint chip leaves to string on a ribbon, pilgrim maze with dry erase marker, phonics clip cards, whole/half/third/quarter pilgrim pies, sensory bin with plastic pumkins, acorns, leaves and tongs, and Thanksgiving matching game.

The girls have really enjoyed doing Read and Write the room so we used the set from Homeschool Creations for our Monday activity.  I had Charlotte circle her pictures, the preschoolers trace the first letter, and Caroline trace the entire word.

Then we colored a Thanksgiving picture with our bible verse on it.

Caroline learned the moon phases this week.  We had fun cutting out the shapes and making an accordian book.   I wanted to do a moon calendar, but the moon wasn't out when she went to bed.  She was kind of sad that it didn't work out.

For spelling this week, we learned to spell grandma, grandpa, granny, and grandad.  It was complete with worksheets with their photos on them.

Then we glued feathers on turkeys.