Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 8 in Review

We took a week off from the ABCs and spent a week on a Flower theme.
Bible verse: "Still other seed fell on good soil." Mark 4:8
Song: What do plants need? (to the tune of "Are you sleeping?")
Rhyme: Mistress Mary (the Christian version of Mary, Mary)

Things learned:
Counting by 10's
Drawing verticle lines (Charlotte)
Science: Part of a plant
Spelling: one through six
We didn't get to work on our states this week.

Charlotte's shelves were so pretty this week.  I loved all the flower stuff.  The girls both really enjoyed having fake flowers at their disposal.  I know lots of bouquets were made, but I'm not sure if they ever got sorted into the right color coded can. 

I love how pretty our sensory box was this week.  I know I've seen similar things on other blogs.  I washed our pots and garden shovels  from the sandbox and put them with our pinto beans and more silk flowers. 

Charlotte has really enjoyed cutting, gluing, and doing stickers, so I prepared a tray for each this week.  And then, of course she barely touched them.  The girls did end up getting into the stickers on Friday and Caroline made each family member a little card.  She even drew stems under the sitckers.  They'll be on next week's bulletin board photo.

These mini flower erasers from the Dollar Tree were a huge hit.  I used them with preschool number mats which I had printed out as two per page.  They ended up being the perfect size to put over the dots.

I created my own verticle line tracing worksheets with clip art and dashed lines for the preschoolers while Caroline wrote 1 - 50 in the spaces for a 10's skip counting flowers worksheet.

Sometimes I just fly by the seat of my pants around here, so Tuesday's lesson was tweaked midstream.  Charlotte finished her shape workbook quickly so I drew a bunch of shapes and she found each kind and dotted them with a color I specified.  Caroline wanted in on the action, so we scrapped the foam shapes for Read! Build! Write! mats and I scrambled the remaining letters on a page for her to stamp as she needed them.

Caroline is doing really well in her Math lessons... academically.  Emotionally, she gives me a lot of trouble and thinks math is boring.  We'll be taking a break from our math curriculum next week and doing some math games.  Here she is working on her homework while Charlotte colors a princess coloring book.

We revisited our number one - three sight words this week and added four - six.  I think we've almost got it.  Here's the end result of our game of Roll! Read! Write!  I'm really impressed with how well her handwriting is getting.