Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flu shots

The girls got flu shots today.  Their reactions were totally typical of their personalities. 

Caroline was an emotional wreck from the time the nurse mentioned the shot during the screening portion of her checkup (Thanks!).  I had to hold her down for the shot kicking and screaming. 

Charlotte on the other hand was totally enamoured with the sucker I had given her to hold.  Only once they stuck her did I feel her little body tense up and she very dramatically announced "That hurts me!  Somethings hurting me." with a tone of surprise and shock.

Caroline has been limping all afternoon.  However she was fine traipsing all over the mall to the Disney store and play area.

Charlotte, who even got an extra shot, is doing great.  We've even taken her bandaids off.


Sterling Welch said...

Poor babies. Shots Hurt!!!!!