Friday, September 30, 2011

Best shots

Yay!!  I'm doing a dance of joy that we got so many good pictures of the girls today.  Not only are these Caroline's 5 year portraits, but they are also her first official school pictures.  So, I went for a very school girl look for the first part and I think they came out really cute.  I actually found this cute smocked dress at Goodwill!  Score!!

And as I'm inclined to do, Charlotte happened to have something that co-ordinated.  This belonged to Caroline.  I'll have to search for a picture of her wearing it.

Then, we had an outfit change.  Caroline is in love with the polka dot dress.  She got it from the Slabic girls and it's her absolute favorite.  She'd pick it out every Sunday if I let her.

Charlotte calls this her heart dress and I actually have a set of 3 year old portraits of Caroline in that dress.


Carrie S. said...

These turned out GREAT!

Kelly Mc said...

super cute, as always! xo