Sunday, September 25, 2011

10 years ago

Ten years ago, I was sitting down to my first date with Kevin. 
We started out the day as co-workers.  We were friends from training class.  We'd known each other a little over a month.  Kevin had offered multiple times to car shop with me and I'd taken him up on the offer a few weeks before.  We'd attended the Red, White, and Blue football game honoring September 11th.  There was an infamous thank you note. 

Now, I was buying the car.  We'd just finished completing the paperwork on my red Ford Escape... the one Kevin now drives.  It was getting late and we had gone to the dealership straight from work.  Kevin asked me if I felt like cooking or if I wanted to go out for dinner (he took such good care of me, even then).  We decided on Cheddar's and ran to our respective homes to change clothes.

I was a little surprised when the man I only saw at work in white dress shirts and ties, showed up in cargo jeans, a flannel shirt, and wearing two earrings!!  Yes, you can't expect to change much about the person you marry, but in my case, wardrobes are fleeting.

Anyway, we sat down to our meal along the back wall of the College Station Cheddars and Kevin asked me about the most open ended question that one potential mate can ask another potential mate,  "Tell me the story of your life."

I knew at that point that Kevin was either A, really interested in me, or B, had no idea how to start a conversation.

Well, ten years later, I'm glad that the answer is still true.  (It was answer A in case you're still guessing.)  So, tonight we celebrated with chips, queso, Santa Fe Spinach dip, and something we now call the Monster Cookie, but back in the day was known as the Cookie Monster.

I'm so thankful for an all knowing God that knew all along the perfect man He'd planned out for me.  I'm thankful that the story of our lives are now woven together into one.

And we have two lovely and entertaining additions to our table.  I pray that we are able to fulfill God's part in His plan for their lives so that someday we will have a small contribution in the story of their life that they'll tell to their potential spouse.  I know those guys will have a lot to live up to.


Carrie S. said... guys are still so cute together! And have the cutest little girls!