Thursday, August 25, 2011

Utility Pole

Well, it was an exciting day around here.  I know I could have handled it with a lot more grace, but what can I say.  I was joking around that this side of our yard is cursed since we lost a tree over there during Ike, but it is amazing that God has protected our home in both circumstances (the tree that fell during Ike literally came close enough to hitting our house that the window screens have tears).
I think our pole started to lean a bit more this morning and the lines started touching the neighbor's tree again.  So, we got to see a fire truck up close and personal while they monitored the tree.  Amazingly, it kept putting itself out.  Everytime the lines would touch, we'd here this loud popping, an electric jjooozzz sound, and the top of the pine tree would flare into flames.  Each time this happened, the power would go off and then try to restore itself.

Finally, the utility truck came by and said that they had temporarily shut off the power.

About three hours later, another two utility trucks hauling trailers of equipment showed up.  Four guys proceeded to trim our HUGE Crepe Myrtle that's near the pole (leaving the debris for us) and dug a new hole for a support post.  (I left around that point because Charlotte had a dr. appt. for an ear infection - amazingly waiting at a drs. office was more appealling than being home without power today.)  The power is back on now and the old pole is being straightened by the support pole.  I'm guessing it took about 2 or so hours of work on their part.

Thankfully, the peak temp outside was about 94 and it only hit 79 inside our house all day.  Our AC is catching up.  Caroline and I did Math in the dark during Charlotte's nap and both girls colored the USA off and one between trips outside to talk to neighbors and all the trucks this morning.  

Here are some pics...



Not entirely straight, but I guess it will do.  That trimmed tree you see in the center background is actually two houses over and was the one shorting the lines and catching on fire.  The power company keeps it trimmed back from the lines... poor lopsided tree.