Thursday, August 25, 2011

Super Storm

We had a huge storm here last night. Something happened to our power line in the backyard. I guess lightening struck it. Anyway, the power came back on and off three times very quickly with loud transformer blowing sounds and blue/purple light flaring outside the windows. Now our power pole by the shed is leaning toward the house. And since that lean moved the wires a bit, it caught part of our neighbor's tree... two doors down... on fire. Pretty exciting stuff. Kevin and Caroline were at practice, so Charlotte and I waited the storm out at a neighbors until Kevin came home so we could figure stuff out. Thankfully, that initial power outage only lasted about 45 minutes. And I'm glad that I had my calmer child to wait it out with : )
We all slept in the living room last night to be on the safe side while we are waiting for Centerpointe to come look at our pole. I pray they come today.
Say a prayer that it stays put and doesn't fall on anything. I'm also really nervous about how and what equipment they are going to have to get in our backyard to fix it.