Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi Mommy and Daddy (Friday)

Hi Mommy and Daddy,
Wow!  My prayers were answered.  Today Charlotte wore her new red life jacket and we each got to catch fish.  Grandpa counted that Charolotte caught 2 and I caught 8 (I actually hooked and pulled in 2 all by myself).  We got to have several fast boat rides and the cooling wind was great!  After fishing, we took a dip in the lake...AAAAAH!  Charlotte didn't swim, but she dunked her stuffed bunny in (so it had to have a wash when we got home to Grandma's).

We also saw 4 deer on Langly Island eating green grass by the shore and 2 beautiful swans.  Greatgrandpa and Grandpa sure were nice to take us and Grandma kept us slathered with sun-block so we are not red anywhere.  We also had snacks in the!

This afternoon we are playing with books and toys and Grandpa is playing along at being "Captain Hook" for us.

This was our favorite day...and tonight we have mac and cheese for dinner with homemade chocolate chip cookies (I just baked with Grandma) with ice cream for dessert.

We are looking forward to seeing you Sunday, decorating our bikes and wagon for the parade, and spending time with Granny and Granddaddy, too!  We are being extra especially good, so don't worry!

Caroline (& Charlotte)